• UAV Path Planner For Emergency Response

    As part of my Masters thesis work at UC, Santa Cruz, I created an open-source path planning tool for fixed-wing UAVs (Dubins vehicles) called: Dubins Path Planner Library (DPPL). It is used in emergency response applications, such as wildfire tracking and search and rescue, where shortest point-to-point tours and shortest...
  • Autonomous Systems Lab

    Baskin School of Engineering, UC Santa Cruz With the Lifeguard Robotics project complete, I have recently begun a graduate program at UC Santa Cruz. Currently, I am working on the SLUGS autopilot in the Autonomous Systems Lab under Professor Gabriel Elkaim.
  • Lifeguard Project Progress

    January has been a very productive month for our team. We are making substantial progress on the project. Throughout January, we have been hard at work writing, researching, coding, and soldering. Administratively, we have completed a Gantt chart, a website, and have entered into the Texas Instruments Analog Design Contest....

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